Classic Collision Atlanta #776

Posted on 29. May, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


8/7/14 phone records will reflect. I sopke to several more people. I have been contacting everyone from the District Attorneys Office to the White House.

Manfred, how does it make you look good…when all of these people are hearing what you did to me?

The fact that the DeKalb County District Attorneys Office cant grasp that its former Chief didn’t want to investigate his own department! Duh! What county is exposed, for the largest amount of corruption, each year…in the state of Georgia? Would it be…could it be…DeKalb?

Its awful cute that the Chief I spoke to, in the D.A’s office, has that much faith in the DeKalb County Police. He cannot believe that the DeKalb County Police Department could be that corrupt! DeKalb County Internal Affairs wouldn’t even let me fill out a complaint! What does my case being closed have to do with the fact that:

Manfred Kammerer sexually harassed me for three months

Harassment charges were file, not rape

I proved, in writing that Manfred Kammerer was trying to intimidate me, before my case was closed…intimidating a victim!

DeKalb County sent me the wrong letter

The correct letter dismissed rape, not harassment

Letter appeared on the Internet before I opened it

I was told by DeKalb County Affairs that I would be prosecuted for posting that information

No one signed a copy out of open records request

How many charges did Manfred Kammerer escape?


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