Classic Collision Atlanta #781

Posted on 24. May, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I’m disgusted with the way the media handles things..

I climbed on top of a bridge..

Not to commit suicide.

but, to ask for help..

They refused to cover it on the news..

Because they wish to discourage copycat behavior..

yet, a celebrity kills himself and everyone cares.

Its appalling!

When a friend told me what had happened..

I wasn’t surprised at all…

That is because people see others in the light that is not real..

Mental Hell is mental Hell…

That is why Im pissed..

I struggled for 17 years with severe depression..

when I figured out what was exacerbating everything..

I decided I needed to get my shit together..

Shortly after I had started to crawl/walk…

That is when Manfred Kammerer raped me..

I warned him..

He didn’t care..

So, you can all sit back and ACT shocked..

When this comes out!


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