Classic Collision Atlanta #782

Posted on 23. May, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Anything built on lies and deceit will crumble…

It is like a house of cards, waiting to fold…

I told Manfred Kammerer NO!

The depression that killed Robin Williams…

Same damned thing that nearly killed me for 17 years..

When God took that from me and gave me a fresh start..

Trust me, it was nothing when I kicked the consensual affair I did have, to the curb!

I was listening to a radio program, yesterday..

Those that suffer from those types of depressions..

Something tragic can occur in their lives..

and it can send them back into a downward spiral..

in which they cannot escape..

That is what Manfred Kammerer did to me..

That is what rape can do to anyone..

especially someone who has already suffered from as much as I have!



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