Classic Collision Atlanta #801

Posted on 04. May, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I talked to a woman the other day…

She told me that she used to wait tables..

and that she would change in the restroom at work..

before each shift..

When she was changing..

a male employee would walk in on her..

Eventually, she complained to management…

Eventually, he was fired…

One day he came back to the restaurant..

walked up to her, in the parking lot..

and punched her in the stomach…

Her manager was a witness…

She contacted the police and hired an attorney..

The police would not prosecute the guy..

You all tell people to call the police and to get an attorney..

How many times have I heard that!!!

How many women have I spoken to….

that did exactly what they were supposed to…

and they didn’t get the help they should have….



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