Classic Collision Atlanta #470

Posted on 23. Mar, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The walls are closing in. I feel as if I have nowhere to turn. The sexual predator is on the loose again. He is putting on a show…one in which everyone will believe that he is innocent and he is this great guy…that couldn’t have raped me. All the while, I am his biggest target. If my hatred hasn’t subsided…and he raped me and ruined any future I might have….What makes you think that he has forgotten. Lets face it, there is no forgiving on his part. He is guilty. He will put on a show as is he feels sorry for me…..that I am a crazy female who simply got confused!

Not quite! No, means no…and when you tell someone NO…who has been through, what I have been through…all bets are off. His is a game. Mine is a means of survival!

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