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8/13/13;  Updated 11/6/13, 12/11/13, 1/17/14, 2/2/14, 2/14/14

8/13/13-  I received a letter from SSI. Lets see…..

How is it…that all of the medical professionals…who surely aren’t as highly educated as Manfred Kammerer….All their intelligence, combined…surely couldn’t compare to that of the intelligence in one of Manfred Kammerer’s pinky finger’s, alone….Clearly they could see that there is something wrong with me. So much so…that they are considering accepting my claim…the first time around.

Do you know how difficult it is to be accepted for disability, the first time around?  And exactly, why is it that…even though the date my disability began…was in April 2010… the date that they have chosen is 2/9/12? Would it be…Could it be…the date I established my Facebook page? No, it was five days prior to that. Is that the day the police were called…..when I was picketing, in front of Classic Collision of Buckhead?

Ironic, isn’t it…Manfred’s Government  friends helped him get away with rape and other criminal activity…and now…because of him….the Government is going to have to take care of me, for the rest of my life!

Manfred, you have had every chance to shut me up! Who in the Hell…at the age of 42…goes to sleep at 2:23p.m. in the afternoon…due to crippling back pain? Well, I have been doing it since April 2010(when the crippling pain began) and I am sure to be doing it again in the near future. With the way things are going…I may be in a wheelchair…from stress…by the time this gets into the court room. Don’t you worry…if I have to crawl because,  I’m in so much pain and can’t afford a wheelchair…I will be there. I told someone, here recently…if all I get out of this is seeing to it that you compensate the rest of your victims…that’ll be a good day for me. God knows I’ll probably get the snot sued out of me for slander…Oh well! That’s what happens when you get raped by a rich man. It doesn’t matter if he is a liar. He can afford an attorney. That attorney can bury me in court because, I don’t know the laws and how to conduct myself in the courtroom….and they do!

None of this would have happened…had Manfred fired me or written me up, as requested…when I presented my wrong doing to him. You see…its all taking care of itself!

Manfred Kammerer, what are you doing…raping mentally challenged females? Is that what makes you feel like A MAN?


Well, Manfred…I was accepted by disability this Fall. And get a load of this. They expect that I will be better by February!  Not unless I receive a magic wand, in the mail!

Funny, I had four accidents, prior to this. I worked 40-50+ hours a week. I didn’t developed crippling back pain, until after you raped me. Slowly but, surely, after that…I began to work part time. Whatever I do, be it exercise, sewing or cleaning….at the end of the day…by body feels as if I was in a boxing match with Mike Tyson.

They didn’t use the doctors reports they obtained, which are required by them, when I applied. They read this website!

I spoke to someone the other day. A friend of theirs had to wait six years, until they were approved. I know people that spend most of their days in bed and its taking them forever, to get through this process. They accepted me, based upon what is happening right now.

Once again… is it that Manfred Kammerer didn’t know that there was anything wrong with me?

Anyone who has ever met me, for as long as I can remember….and a panel of medical professionals…clearly have been able to spot that there was/is something  wrong with me…five minutes into being exposed to my behavior..

You are not getting out of this one, Manfred!

Its too bad that the asshole doesn’t take all of his shit with him, when he leaves. Yes, he thinks…that just because he is no longer present…that everything he did to you…from October 2006-April 2013…magically disappears. Actually, its worse now. I now…cannot bathe…without wearing under garments. DO YOUR RESEAERCH ON PTSD!

If Manfred were to do something to me, while there was a direct link to me: phone records, Internet bullying, etc…at least everything lead straight back to him. Now, its like someone is trying to kick my ass, while I am blind folded, its pitch dark…and I’ve been dropped off in a field….fifty miles from anything familiar. The cyber bullying has stopped…but, that’s only because I posted about Classic Collision’s committing Insurance Fraud. Wow, I guess that all of the abuse will magically disappear too and I will wake up in a field of roses…tomorrow…and it’ll be a Bight, Sunshiny day!

It doesn’t matter, Manfred. This is record of what abuse does to victims! Next time, take NO for any answer and keep your dick in your pants!

So…you all will have to excuse me….it appears…that by February…I will have a PhD, no back pain and everything that has happened to me recently, will mysteriously disappear!

And they call me delusional!!!!

I would just like to state that I am not trying to mock the system. I appreciate what they have done for me. I cannot say that I’m in a position to fully comprehend what is transpiring. I just don’t understand why the tax payers are taking care of me. Manfred Kammerer should be held responsible for HIS DAMAGES!

He is not supposed to be fucking his employees….especially since, from what I experienced…it doesn’t appear to be consensual. It appears that he obtains sexual favors, by preying on females who are destitute! In my case, a female who clearly was not able to defend herself, mentally!


Imagine feeling like you’re being stabbed in the eardrums with hot ice picks, nausea/bordering on vomiting; waking up at all hours of the night, your teeth feeling like they are on fire/after having dental work performed and migraine headaches that feel as if someone has been beating the back of your head against a brick wall. I found out, 12/3/14, that I may have TMJ. It was confirmed on 12/10/14.…I do. Guess what its major contributor is….STRESS. Stress exacerbates what I’m am experiencing. I had a crown put in my mouth while working at Classic Collision….the downtime was NOTHING like this. Now, because of stress…MORTAL HELL!

My life was a train wreck for 17 years and I had four accidents before I was raped…and still managed to work out, nearly every single day and work full time.

Now…because of what Manfred Kammerer did to me…I have crippling back pain, cannot work full time, am living off of the taxes that I paid into the system while working….not the taxpayers, as Id thought…and have become a borderline recluse, can’t bathe without a bathing suit on, spend each day wondering if I’m going to get a bullet in my forehead, TMJ and PTSD

My consultation was $259.00 and treatment costs another $4,000.00+. Am I supposed to find hat in my ears?

I finally received some help…and just about every cent will be spent on my trying to recoup…from the things that I can no longer provide for myself, on my own…and medical treatment that I am seeking, caused by being raped and abused by Manfred Kammerer! Don’t you think that Mrs. Kammerer should be dealing with all of these disorders? I didn’t sign up for this.

Manfred Kammerer, I am rolling out the red carpet for you…one more time. Sue me for slander, or else. Because of you, I have lost everything….and my future doesn’t appear to be very bright. This is your final offer! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANOTHER ONE.


Once again, I don’t hold Manfred Kammerer  responsible for anything that happened before he raped me. I hold him responsible for EVERYTHING, thereafter. I said no at least a dozen times and gave him dozens of reasons why I could not afford to be used and abused…yet again…by another scumbag.

I think that the world will be amazed…that a male…with the finest boarding school education that money can buy, a former professional athlete and very successful business person….doesn’t know…what the word NO means!

Manfred, take the $50k bribe and have some Psychiatric sessions forged…so that you can pretend that this has just devastated you. Take the $1ml spit in the face….that you planned on offering me, then denying me…so that you could tell people that I was a money grubbing whore…and buy your wife a really nice present because, you will be needing it. And after you buy her that special something from a Dollar Store….use the remaining funds to buy yourself some really good excuses as to why you raped AND bulled me….then didn’t sue me for slander….and, pay some of your bullies to forge documents stating that they will never come to your shop again….to prove that your business has suffered financially…because of my website. You will have to prove that you have suffered a loss from all of this. Do what you do best…LIE!

I have paper trails that could wrap this city several times. No one will help me. You can afford to help yourself in everyway possible.

Forcing a female employee to have sexual intercourse with you, using a misconduct she brought forth to you…and having been told NO, by her…at least a dozen times, is RAPE. Do something about this now Manfred. I have given you since May 2011…..when I began passing out fliers.


Just so you know…I spoke to a TRAUMA Counselor, two days ago. I think I have PTSD.  Well, recently here…my symptoms have been becoming increasing worse. I went onto the Internet and researched PTSD…and what do you know!!!! Seeing as I can’t seem to move forward…in certain crucial areas….I began to research groups, meetings… anything that might me able to help me with my feeling traumatized. I left a message for a Counselor….whose site seemed to fit my criteria. Once we spoke…I told the Counselor what happened to me…and that it has been over seven years now…but, Manfred didn’t stop torturing me over the Internet until 4/21/13. (Please note that I told the Counselor that I put information on the net because Manfred Kammerer threatened my life…and he responded with Adolf Hitler videos. Remember, Manfred….NONE of this would have happened had you LEFT ME THE HELL ALONE!) The response to all of this having STOPPED IN APRIL 2013.….”Oh, this is still VERY FRESH!”

The following article…from the MAYO Clinic, nonetheless, states that Trauma can PTSD can occur YEARS later! They typically begin…months after the occurrence. That’s sounds about right! I am exhibiting nearly EVERY symptom on the list…lucky me!

Let’s see…we have Sexual Harassment, Rape, Mental Abuse, Death Threat, Picketing/Internet Bullying, TMJ and PTSD…just to mention a few …gifts from Manfred Kammerer….all because he can’t keep his dick in his pants. These gifts have blossomed into Severe Depression, Crippling Back Pain, Disability, TMJ and  PTSD…

Most of the symptoms have been existent, from the very beginning. Figuring out what’s wrong with you is very difficult…especially when you are trying to survive a living Hell, on a daily basis. The real trauma doesn’t set in, until your attacker goes into TOTAL hiding. As long as he has use for you…even if its Internet Bullying…you are still somewhat safe. That is because there is a direct link to him, if something harmful happens to you…physically.

Now that Manfred has totally disappeared…that’s when the real shit started to hit my fan!


I read this article, yesterday, at a local coffee shop….

If a person can experience PTSD…due to weather…for a couple of days….

Image what type of PTSD one might experience…after being sexually harassed, raped, mentally abused and cyber bullied, by their former employer….from late October 2006- late April 2013.…


In 2006, Manfred Kammerer called me at Classic Collision of Chamblee, to wish me a Happy Valentines Day…

That was after he Sexually Harassed me, nearly everyday, for over three months…and Raped me…

What kind of sick bastard does this to anyone…much less his employees…

Its because I told him NO(repeatedly) and that I couldn’t afford to be used and abused…by another male..

So, what did he do…

He used my job security over my head…which negated the NO’s, in his mind…and turned

himself into everything he thought I needed him to be…to get whatever he wanted from me…

Trying to convince me that he was going to rescue me…and was nothing like the countless males who had abused me…in my past….

Only to become…the most despicable one…of them all…

And wasn’t going to stop until there wasn’t a sliver of meat left on my bones…

Two years ago…I was picketing in front of Classic Collision of Buckhead..

I realized what Manfred Kammerer had done to me…after I got away from him…

And have spent everyday, since…

Begging God to help me understand…

Why anyone should have to live this kind of existence…

Everything in my life has gotten worse..

Manfred, had you left me the Hell alone..

I could have had a fresh start…

Now, its one step forward and sixteen miles backward….

I hope you rot in Hell!

Please God…give his current VICTIM(S)…the wisdom…the strength and the courage….to prevent what has happed to me…from happening to themselves…


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