Classic Collision Atlanta Resembles Syria #441

Posted on 20. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had seen this photo, in the past. You know how you log onto the Internet, sometimes…and you will see something and think that its not real. Often times…its one of those article that looks like a pop up ad…which might be on the cover of a tabloid!

I must admit, I didn’t want this to be true. You see, you all refuse to believe to believe that Manfed Kammerer is a sick as he is…Well, do you see the responsible party…stepping up and admitting to gassing all of those people? No! That’s what they do. They don’t care who they destroy. They think that its cool. It gives them a rush….POWER, CONTROL! Well, don’t you think that they would want to step up and take credit for that!

A friend asked me, the other day, if I had seen the photo of all of the dead bodies. It was true. Anyone taking credit for it? Of course not!

Isn’t this behavior a tad…Hitlerish!!!! You know…..the main character in all of the videos that Manfred Kammerer had posted about me, on YouTube!!!

What could anyone get out of killing massive amounts of innocent people? Is there a reward, in some cultures…for body count?

I would like to ad this…upon discussing this with someone else…I was so very grateful that these people didn’t have to suffer…the way many others have had to! No concentration camps, etc.!

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