Classic Collision Atlanta Voice Mails From Manfred Kammerer Part 2

Posted on 05. Dec, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta

ATTENTION…I HAVE RELEASED PROOF THAT MANFRED KAMMERER IS TRYING TO INTIMIDATE ME AND TRYING TO SHUT ME DOWN. THERE IS PROOF IN POSTS #65 & #68(They are the 4th & 5th posts on my site) THAT HE IS GUILTY OF EVERYTHING. If he were innocent, he would have taken me to court and sued me for slander. I began outing Manfred on 5/9/11. GOOGLE MY NAME AND TELL ME HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO BECOME EMPLOYED..EVER AGAIN..FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! He is trying to shut me up! If he is such a respectable individual, why is he not taking appropriate measures? I put this information on the Internet because I am in fear for my life. Manfred has done all of this to me because he is dangerous!

As of 4/21/13..there have been nearly 20..of the most sexist, racist videos that I have ever seen..posted on YouTube, about me.Manfred Kammerer has now teamed up with the man I had a consensual affair with…and his son, who employs said man…Keep reading the posts on page one. You will see everything that I am accusing them of!

I am now holding his wife responsible too. She knows that he has been having affairs, the entire time that they have been married. If this was a consensual affair, why would she have witnessed me picketing in front of Classic Collision of Buckhead in 2012? Mrs. Kammerer and all of the family members that receive a paycheck..from Classic Collision will be held responsible, when Manfred Kammerer has me murdered. I was told that the family saw me picketing. The owner of the company was being accused of being a sexual predator and they turned a blind eye. I didn’t know that what Manfred did to me was against the law, in the workplace..his family cannot use ignorance of the law, as an excuse either….especially when they have attorneys to answer all of their questions. What kind of people sit back and do nothing?…while the others torment me..and will eventually have me murdered!

This video has been shut down on YouTube, Break and Vimeo. Feel free to listen to the voice mails that he left me…which prove that he had relations with me….not that he raped me…that, I cannot wait for the jury to hear about.

Manfred. it is against the law to have sex with your employees…much less RAPE ones that are mentally destitute.

So, why do jerks like Manfred do this to their wives?












8 Responses to “Classic Collision Atlanta Voice Mails From Manfred Kammerer Part 2”

  1. travis

    19. Aug, 2012

    As an adult, if you need a billboard or a class to tell you that someone having sex with you against your will is against the law, then you are not very bright. On the same token as this person not paying for a lawyer to defend your accusations, why have you not reported your accusations to the authorities?

    • Engrid

      21. May, 2013

      IP Address from comment

  2. Exposed

    18. Aug, 2012

    They are not videos they are screen caps from a conversation where you did in fact specify that you where never raped. Turn your html on and you will see it.

    Your specific words where “the man never did force me against my will. The heartless asshole refused to help me with my medical bills, or loan me money. I needed those things.”

    Lets brush up on the definition of rape.
    Rape: forcing another person to have sexual intercourse

    So seeing as you where never actually forced to do anything(your words not mine) you where never actually raped. Which makes you no not a rape victim but a disgruntled gold digger who never got paid for her services.

  3. Exposed

    10. Aug, 2012

  4. kay

    04. Jul, 2012

    he videos were shutdown because you used someone else image and name without their permission thats a privacy vioation. The sme thing is going to be done to yo making a false statement to police about rape is one tat will end in your arrest. enjoy yr time in jail

    • Engrid

      17. May, 2013

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