Classic Collision Atlanta #320

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Here are some other tid bits that the judge will find interesting…

Why didn’t Manfred file a restraining order against me…any of the many, many times I blew up his cell phone via phone calls or text messages? If he had nothing to hide, he simply could have told his wife that I was a crazy, gold digger who wanted him. Is it because the truth would have come out in court, during my appearance…in my response to said allegations?

Why didn’t Manfred take out a TPO or TRO on me after I called one of his homes?

If I am simply a disgruntled employee…which is I’m certain is what he told his wife…after witnessing/hearing about my picketing…why didn’t he just tell her in 2012…if I am lying? What about after I passed our fliers…and posted videos…and I now have this website? He has an attorney for this purpose. What gives?

Surely, all of this behavior, for NO GOOD REASON, is just lunacy! It seems like if I were simply psychotic…he  would want to protect himself from me! I am not the dangerous one! I have only done what I have done because I am going to die. How many times has Manfred Kammerer taken the opportunity to harm me? Well, he raped me in January 2007…and another video was posted about me on 4/21/13.…The proof is all here in my website!

You having people harass me on the Net is just B.S..

You know damned well what you did! You didn’t approach me and ask if Id be interested in having relations with you….you cant afford me. You are too freaking cheap! The wife deserves everything…for appearances only. Your sperm banks deserve the grave in which you have prepared for them….just in case any of them figure out what you are all about and stand up to you!

Keep on trying to convince everyone that you’re some kind of hot commodity.

I know…in court…you’re going to tell everyone that you felt feel sorry for me and that you think that I’m crazy…and need help. Yeah, you felt/feel so sorry for me…that not only did you create this mess…you sat by and watched this destroy me…and did nothing! In fact…I think I just created another side…for your mouth…for you to talk out of! You are just a  dirty old, heartless bastard!

Well dickhead, I have met a few gentlemen in my life…and a gentleman would not have allowed the person he was using as a sperm bank to go without medical care. I understand…that under normal circumstances…that would not be your problem but, it is! You are the cause of my crippling back pain! I guess you get off on screwing the Handicapped too! What a Rock Star! You cant get a woman to have sex with you who isn’t destitute!

It seems like if Manfred Kammerer were innocent…he surely would have told his wife everything…before any of it went this far…and they, as company owners,…would have told their attorney to proceed with protective orders…as well as a lawsuit for slander.

You are just full of garbage. You are simply praying that I will go away. Good Luck with that! You have all the money and the power, right!!! You have attorneys telling you what your options are. I have nothing.

People that are in the same shoes as you are…take legal action…against people like me, everyday! Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

You are going to have to spend BIG Money to get out of this one! I hear that paying off the higher ups isn’t quite as cheap./.it has to be enough for them to retire…But, its only money, right!


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