Classic Collision Atlanta Should I Be Surprised? #150

Posted on 23. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I would say that you finally called in that final favor…there are no favors with you. You are going to pay some people to come after me legally.

I say that there are no favors because…

You raped me

You mentally abused me for a total of four years

You constantly berated me and laughed at me when I was in pain

You never gave a damn if I had food on my table or if I ever needed anything

You didn’t cared that I had crippling back pain because of what you did to me and I do not have health insurance/medical assistance

Had no use for me other than what was between my legs

You paid people to picket against me

You have tapped my phone

You have private investigators watching me

You have paid people to make 16+ videos and 3+ websites about me

You are using your employees to bully me…..

And I’m supposed to believe that you have done something nice for anybody that would warrant them suing me, prosecuting me or mentally & physically harming me????

You are a monster Manfred Kammerer…and all of this is because I did not want you sexually!

I expected to be sued for slander and I thought that I might be prosecuted…by you! But, you, using someone else to sue me, so that your wife doesn’t find out or so that this is not in Public Records…never mind…you are a user…what was I thinking…this is TOTALLY you!

Until you do right by me…I’m telling you…don’t listen to God and see what happens, you hear!

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