Classic Collision Atlanta Manfred’s Dirty Little Secrets #307

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Continuing on, with secrets!

Joyce mentioned how secrets can keep you in prison..your own prison. Her father made it her burden, not to reveal his secrets. Why? His being a big ole rapist was not her problem…or was it? He was a very sick man. He would do perverted things to her, then require that she keep them a secret. After a period of time, she felt as if she were in prison.

Manfred, why was it my problem that you cannot keep your thing in your pants and that you are obviously an addict? You are a person who is addicted to keeping score…when it comes to women!!! You have money. Go to therapy, you sick jerk. Well, I’m sure that by the time this hit’s the’ll be scrambling to admit to your wife that you couldn’t help yourself…and you were ashamed to admit your problem to anyone. Forty plus years is a very long time, to have an addiction….yet, do nothing about it…especially when you have the resources to treat your addiction
and keep it anonymous. Not like some of us..everything about me is now on Government file! I’m sure it will only become an addiction when it is convenient for you to get out of….yet, another fine mess!

There is one thing I didn’t have to deal with…Joyce’s father made it her burden, not to tell anyone in her family. He told her that if she told any of them….that it would destroy the family.. Ahhh, the guilt trip. Yes, much like the one where Manfred acted like a terminally ill hospital patient…who was going to die….if he didn’t receive a blood transfusion…yet, in all reality….he was anticipating oral sex….therefore, he put on a performance that would impress Hollywood.

I could have been in the process of dying… and not able to afford chemotherapy…do you think that I would have received a phone call, much less flowers…or a quarter towards my treatment? No but, I would bet anyone everything that they had in their bank account…that Manfred would have shown up at the hospital for a visit…only to stick his hand up my night gown….whether I was conscience or not!

Yes, this is sick but, its not my secret. It is Manfred’s! Are you happy now Manfred. I cannot erase what I know and I cannot ignore how I feel.

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