Classic Collision Atlanta 12/12/12 #183

Posted on 21. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It was mentioned that he would lose his mind…if he had to stay in a home all day with the blinds closed. I agreed. I love the sun. It is very difficult for me to remain indoors, if the sun is out. Unfortunately, now that I am getting older…staying in the sun for hours on end…isn’t a good idea! It never was!

Rain or shine now…the blinds remained closed.

My response was that…I guess it would be O.K. to open the blinds….I felt safe with him being there.

His response was that…he didn’t comprehend why I would not feel safe….

He assumed that the blinds were closed because it was overcast outside….

In the end…I think in his mind….he would have preferred that they were….

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