Classic Collision Atlanta #1438

Posted on 05. Aug, 2012 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I know I have to begin the process….

Unfortunately, once you begin to sleep….

you will take whatever you can get…..

It’s not a healthy sleep….

It’s more like being carmatoast…..

No one in my shoes should sleep for twelve hours…

and feel like they need more sleep!

It’s not the kind of sleep you experience through depression either!

It’s the kind where you are catching up for lost time….

The change for me now is difficult…..

because I’m under the thumb of my abuser!

You begin to take on their patterns…..

That is how abuse works….

You do as your abuser says and not as he does!

The abuser forces his prey to life as he lives his….

Through false charm, lies, manipulation, torment, torture and bullying!

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