Classic Collision Atlanta $1ml Offer #291

Posted on 23. Nov, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It never fails…when I have planned to journal about one thing…sure enough, something else pops up!

I was watching a show the other day…and an attorney mentioned…that no matter what a person has said, prior to testifying….once a person has sworn to tell the truth…that oath seems to act like truth serum. That’s what I’m talking about!

Are you willing to lie on the stand?…..

I went to therapy and exploded. Everything that has happened to me…since my meeting…came out in the open.

Wait, out in the open? Why was I keeping quite? I have nothing to hide. Why has my life been in shambles, for the last week and two days?

Well, I did not want to repeat anything that may have been said in confidence….but, that caused me to protect Manfred…and I cannot keep secrets for him.

I just figured out that I think my keeping quiet would slow down the loading of that additional bullet.

It is entirely understandable…that I would have spit in Manfred’s face…if he had been sitting at the table….when I was asked

“What if he offered you $50,000?”

If I am a money grubbing whore…that Manfred’s crew have been accusing me of being….why didn’t I take the money and run…when I was asked

“What if he offered you $1,000,000?”

So, all of you can stick that in your pipes and smoke it!

Manfred is not concerned about doing right be me, he just wants to shut me up!

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