Classic Collision Atlanta #251

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When I was a young girl, I attended dance classes. It was the love of my life. Ballet was no favorite of mine but, jazz was the bomb. By the time I reached Jr. High, I tried out for drill team…the teacher asked if I had some “African American” in me…that meant that I could dance like nobody’s business! Later on, I recall dancing in a local night club…only to look up and see all of the dancers…who were paid to dance in the club…all sitting on the speakers and the stage…watching me dance. That was a huge compliment. The theatrical moves on these boys and girls belonged on Broadway.

After Manfred got a hold of me, I couldn’t move.

I have tried dancing, several times…in the past few years…nothing. Recently, I took the time put on my headset…and to try to forget as if my back pain existed. It is interesting….my first time around, I was dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld. Yesterday….for an itty bitty bit…I got down with my bad self!

Manfred, I hurt like Hell today.

I cannot dance for hours on end, as I used to…it may be for an hour here or an hour there…and thanks to you…I will be unable to work full time, ever again…as my back pain is NOT getting any better…

Who knows where I would be physically, had you kept your greasy claws to yourself. I will never know!

Stress is a bitch…and I firmly believe that it is a killer.

Doesn’t it just piss you off that it takes so little for me to be happy…Getting the Hell away form you was first and foremost…now, to bring back all of those little things that made life so very special…that I had surely forgotten about.

The Devil will do that to you every time!

Once again…I do not hold you responsible for what happened to me before you raped me…but, everything that has occurred beyond that point.

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