Classic Collision Atlanta #254 I’ll Be Here For A While

Posted on 15. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Amazing, that at the end of a very eventful day, I have found such peace. Yesterday, I came to realize that I could have absolutely destroyed one of your lives…and after all you’ve done to me…I didn’t say what I should have said…How fucking stupid are you to mention kitchens…

I didn’t forget…I just didn’t have any intentions of bringing any attention to anyone or anything…unless it was relevant to how Manfred’s raping me occurred.

You just cost me half of my income. That’s O.K. Once again, I tell everyone who spends any significant amount of time around me…what is going on and I tell them about this site. If anyone were to Google me…chances are…they’ll look at my Facebook page also…and we all know that this site is mentioned first and foremost. You all know the numbers…How many people Google me each day?…How many people Google Manfred Kammerer or Classic Collision?

You did what you always do…you throw everyone under the bus. Do you think that this is fun? Do you think that you are cool? Not only do you still do a lot of stupid shit…but, you are far too old to be placing the blame on everybody else.

Too bad that you guys are too stupid to accept that you will both throw each other under the bus….does it look like I am going anywhere?

Its too late. None of you are sincere or sorry for what you have done. You are both liars and cheaters…and when confronted with wrong doings…behave in a way that would make your children disgusted to be related you.

You both came after me. You should have left me alone. There are plenty of people who want to be used…you should have went after them. Damn, I keep forgetting…you cannot stand to be yourselves…much less be in a relationship ort have relations with someone who is just like either of you.

Because of your involvement with one another…reasonable doubt is all that is required for a Civil Case…I will soon release information that proves that Manfred and Yancey are working together….and guess what….you cant sue me for something when you did the same thing to me, publicly…you asked for it! Manfred, you should have used the legal system when you had a chance. But, HEY…you can still file a criminal suit against me for the voicemails…or can you?

BTW…you cant do anything to me Civilly until AFTER November 12, year after you guys last post.

Don’t worry…I’ll be here!

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