Classic Collision Atlanta #257 Six Months Later

Posted on 12. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The package finally came back after six months. I mailed it last September. There was an attempt to deliver it three times. The package then came back to Atlanta and there was an attempt to deliver it…again…several times. There was no success in the attempt to deliver it either time and after sitting at the post office for several days…it went to the Dead Letter Office.

Instead of me receiving a form, in Nov 2012, to have the package redelivered to me….it took four additional months. God only remembers how many phone calls it took….to be told that I would receive said form in the mail…never to have received the form in the mail…only to call back several weeks later because, the person’s supervisor told them, that I had to call Consumer Affairs…and that person never called me.

I wonder how much time and energy was spent on that single package…the package that managed to arrive two days after my last phone call…exactly six months and five days after I had mailed it.

That is a just taste of what I have been dealing with…when it comes to the Government!

It wasn’t all their fault! So, I will kindly take half of the blame…The question is….

How many times did it take before we got it right?

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