Classic Collision Atlanta #260 Importance of Glue

Posted on 09. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Its amazing how people can be so successful in so many areas…yet, when it comes to a couple of things in their lives…they’re just complete basket cases.

I have observed others going through things that I have survived…only to question how these people landed there…

I guess we are often times drawn to these people for a reason.

I think that it is so beautiful that I am now in long term relationships…where I have not withstood many, in my past.

I now have the opportunity to watch people grow…whether they are younger or older than me…

We are all helping one another move forward. After all, I really did not see myself being around this long…and I sure as heck did not see being a survivor…only to assist others in becoming even more successful than they already are…over all!

I do not have to be in the drivers seat….I do not have to run the entire show…. I do not have to be the center of attention…

Quite frankly…I don’t want the responsibility!

Like it or not…I’ll always be the glue…that’s pretty good stuff….

But, wait a minute…

Being the glue that holds it together isn’t a big responsibility????????


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