Classic Collision Atlanta #262 More Argo…

Posted on 07. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I don’t understand something.

It appears that many of the people in entertainment are Democrats…

If that is the case…the post I wrote yesterday involves Obama supporters?

How tough would it be…to make a film…based on cruelty to Americans…only to have voted for a president who is trying to turn this country…into the type of country you just made a movie about…a movie that is based upon those who are created to hate Americans.

Do people support their teams and totally disregard the ideals of the person who is in charge?

Didn’t someone go ON and ON about being a supporter of Gay marriage…yet, the other day…they were going out of their way to ban Gay marriage in California?

So…its O.K. to like Gay people to obtain votes…but, its not O.K. after the votes have been counted.

This country is turning Socialist over night…and this person now trying support the Constitution?????

I don’t have any problems with Obama..I feel sorry for those he has conned. Manfred, I cannot understand why you don’t like him. He is your brother from another mother.

Telling people what they want to hear…to get what you want…with no regard for how is hurts others…is not a good idea….

It doesn’t matter what people think or what is written…when a person is in charge…whether it’s a company or a country…..the employees/citizens suffer the consequences. The people in charge can change with the wind….the employees have to take all of the heat.

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