Classic Collision Atlanta #265 DTX

Posted on 04. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I sat next to a preacher on the way home. Its really amazing how things work out, sometimes.

There were facial expressions that were very similar. At one point, I became paranoid, as all of our pertinent information…just so happened to disappear from the room….after we came back from the banquet. Coincidentally, I had written on it before I exited the room.

Some things are coincidences. Some things are not.

He is right, however…no work can be done on him…until I allow it to happen. From this moment on…I have to make it a special point, to work on the things that were beginning to attack my inner being…

This is all about me now…and making sure that you keep your hands off of all of your female employees.

He gave me so much to think about…


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