Classic Collision Atlanta #275 St. Patty’s Aftermath

Posted on 24. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I hope that everyone had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I think that I had forgotten all about it. Back in the day, it was just another excuse to get messed up just like Mardi Gras. Life is so different now. I try to comprehend why people do these sort of things now. I just don’t get it. I guess that its all a part of growing up. Some of us figure out the error of our ways.

I am now watching The Bible on the History Channel. No more excuses. Its time to delve into it.

Last week was just a preview of what the Devil’s presence can do in your life. This week, I get to accept the fact that he is as Evil as it gets…nothings going to change him…and that he will do and say anything, in order top get me to take this site down.

What about what I have lost…Ooops…..I keep thinking that he gives a damn!

Then I think to myself…who will help his new female employees that don’t know about his reputation? God knows that other employees wont help them…just like they did not help me.

At least If I keep my site up…and someone Googles this male…they have a better chance than I did. They will not lose six years of their life and always have in the back of their minds…that they’ll be killed one day.

Paralysis has set in again, momentarily…but, soon…and I do mean soon…. I will be on top again.

What you invest in is what you are. You will continue to make money…and the more you have, the more miserable you will become. You weren’t happy with $100ml….$200ml is even lonelier, I’m sure.

I will sleep at night…knowing that I will do whatever it takes to get this right.

Manfred, its sad that you cannot accept the fact that you raped me…

Here we are…you have used up and screwed everyone around you, again…until the next batch comes along…

Maybe you’ll just fire everyone and start over…now that this group has seen what you are all about…

Yet another mess you have created another mess….

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