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I am going to interrupt my posts about Joyce Meyers because…the following information needs to be posted immediately.

They say that ignorance is no excuse of the law. Well, I can promise you that Manfred Kammerer knows that what he was doing is against the law…after all, everything that he has done to his female employees, sexually…is beyond the statute of limitations…or is it? I do know that the head count would be so great…that even though this man can certainly count that high…it would be difficult, even for him to digest…once women began coming out of the wood work. I can promise you…that many of the women that he did this to…didn’t even know what he was doing! He is a master manipulator!

The purpose of my post, is to state that I will be holding his wife accountable in court. If she knows that he has been having affairs, I don’t see how it is possible for her not to know that he was screwing his employees. Whether other female employees consented or not is none of my concern. She is part owner of the company and has a responsibility to its employees. So, if my not knowing the laws of Sexual Harassment in the workplace don’t count in my court, neither will they in hers. If he manipulates the s—- out her…which I have heard that he does…then, it stands to reason that he manipulates other women…especially employees…especially employees that are destitute.

Yes, I was told that Manfred’s attorneys could bury me in paperwork, when this goes to court. Well, I haven’t found an attorney that will help me. The ones that did offer to help me wanted a retainer. The phone records, for my attempts to obtain legal council are long. They are not as long as the paper trail will be…that Manfred’s family will be buried under, once he has me harmed.

I need to make this public. I want Manfred Kammerer and his son, as well as Yancey Ford…held accountable…when I am killed.

Manfred’s son-in-law fired Yancey from Buckhead. Manfred’s son rehired him. One day after my meeting with one of Manfred’s attorneys and my old boss, a video was posted on YouTube. Do you think that Yancey would have posted another video about me, had he not currently been receiving a paycheck from Classic Collision? Why did Yancey wait until after I picketed across the street from Classic Collision of Buckhead to attack me on the Internet…if he hated me so much??? He was fired in late 2006???? and rehired in 2010…So, he waited until 2011 or 2012? I smell something rotten…and I can promise you that the stench leads back to Manfred Kammerer.

This is great, Manfred…now your wife is going to have to answer to your molesting your family’s company employees…and your son will be accountable too.

You think that this will not end up on the news but, you’ve got another thing coming.

Do you think that all of those that you have abused will help you then?

Its easy to NOT leave a trail of bread crumbs…how easy is it to find your way back…when you have no idea where you are going…you only think you know…

The paper trail that I am leaving will me more than sufficient. Manfred, this is going to cost you, big time! You cannot touch me for YEARS…after I quit posting….

I will pray to God that you choose a murder that will blackmail you and your family for what you have done to me and what you will do to me…and when your family hires a hit man to kill that hit man….may Satan bestow upon you and your family…a hit man that will cause all of you…as much agony as you all have caused all of your employees. There is no way that they don’t know all about you. That fact that they choose to do nothing about it…and allow it to continue on…speaks volumes…

How many people will envy you family when your dirty little secrets are exposed…not that anyone envies any of them now!

When I mention that I didn’t know what the laws were…and it will be turned around on me as…Ignorance of the law is no excuse…your family can’t do it either!

When it comes to being in the position that I am in…if my having been raped, abused and threatened are because the position I was in mentally…

If your behavior was not the reason that I am in the position I am in, now…your family, your employees and the people that have been compensated to maliciously attack me on the Internet and picket against me, on the streets cannot  can’t use the excuse that they did not have a choice in the roles that they played, either … the fact that they observed your abusive behavior and turned a blind eye to it!

Its all coming full circle, Manfred.

In fact, Manfred…from what I was told…all of the males, in your immediate family,  that work at Classic Collision…their wives receive paychecks from the company…won’t they be held liable too? Its kind of hard to imagine what it would be like for any of them to get raped on the job…since none of them work. Nevertheless, how do you think they feel about what you have done? You are jeopardizing the future of all of their incomes…well-being.

Maybe that is what needs to be said, to your family. Your success affords them the luxury of not having to be like the rest of us. You are risking their future. Do you think that your family will lie for you in court. I know that your wife wont. How’s it going to look when some of them lie…and some of them tell the truth. When I stated that this will cost you a ton…I mean, in damages to everyone that you have hurt!

I can’t be too concerned about your family gaining the pity of jurors…when I’m sure that all of them will be working stiffs. I’m sure that it will be more compelling that you are raping and threatening the life of female employees so that your family can afford to continue to live in the lap of luxury….Yes, I could stand a tissue, right now, myself.

I just created a new one…GOL…Gagging Out Loud! Or, How about RMOL…Rolling My Eyes Out Loud!

You know, I just thought about something….the the times that I recently, coincidentally thought about your wife coming up to Chamblee, that day…then I found out that your wife had confided in others about your affairs…Wives know when men are cheating because they behave like idiots. It is a well know fact that you remained in Buckhead…unless you had a meeting…or as rumor had it…you had the hots for one of your new receptionists. Well , all a person would have do is call Buckhead and find out that you were at  another location…and of course…the receptionist, at whatever shop was called, would definitely tell your wife where you were. Is it possible that your wife noticed your behavior…then noticed that you were basically parking it at Chamblee from late Jan/early February…until November 2011. If that is the case…and I know that she will not lie under oath…she has no excuse…other than the fact that she has allowed you to have sexual relations with Classic Collision employees.*

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