Classic Collision Atlanta #311

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I went to the lake on Sunday. Later that afternoon, I began to feel quite ill. I felt if I were going to break out into a fever…I was nauseated…my stomach began to hurt..

I thought that maybe I had spent too much time in the sun or, the fact that I cannot even physically exert myself…not even as much as I did, one year ago..

Well…it appears that every time I say something about Manfred’s wife…or now his family members that are involved…another video pops up!

How f—ing stupid are you people, Manfred? Maybe you got away with rape and that letter you posted on the Internet…for now! You cant stand to lose money! How much is this costing you? You are about to lose BIGTIME!

I received this message on 4/21/13-

Google Alerts <>

Apr 21 (2 days ago)

This morning, slightly after 2:00a.m., the following video had been shut down. It will play when you copy and paste the link. I could not find it when I entered my name into YouTube:

Engrid Lirette : Protest gone wrong

Yancey Wafflehouse·1 video

Published on Apr 21, 2013

Engrid devises a cunning new way to get back at the “man” but it all blows up in her face when a rubber cyborg is sent to do her bidding without any clothing on. Guess she should have cleaned the sex doll out before sending him out.

This was the response I posted, today:

engridlirette 58 minutes ago

Yancey, I am sorry that you believe that the Kammerer’s will back you up in court. He wouldn’t help the woman he was fucking and he surely will not help you. You refuse to leave me alone. Now, you get to explain to your wife why you allowed me into her bed. She can check her phone records of the weekend that she went out of town with her girlfriends. Maybe Manfred will allow you to sleep on his sofa.

I agreed to have sex with you, not Manfred. This was none of your business!

Manfred, you should have kept your big, fat mouth shut and had me killed…and BTW,  I sent an email to several of your employees…so that they might know the truth about what’s going on…not that the writing on the wall wasn’t crystal clear…after someone was fired…that no one thought could ever get fired…

But, they should know…because, Manfred Kammerer will not save anyone’s ass, other than his own…when it hit’s the fan…and they should save themselves!

All of this was posted for the police. Thank you and have a nice day.

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