Classic Collision Atlanta #313

Posted on 23. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Joyce’s father wanted her to feel terrible about the way that she looked. If she felt terrible about herself…she would believe that she deserved to be abused. She isolated herself from everyone and everything. Eventually, her whole world revolved her your abuser because, that is all she felt she deserved.- During my abusive…whatever you wanna call it, with Manfred…I recall a friend of mine asking me if I knew how many people would kill to have a body like mine…or to look like me. I didn’t get it. Just because you receive a ton of attention, doesn’t mean that you understand that you are attractive…especially when you have been abused most of your life. It was mortifying, being held hostage, mentally…by a man who may have complemented me…half a dozen times, at best….in four years. I would like to be generous and say 12 but, six is more like it. Its kind of sick. He would lie to me constantly. Yet, when it came to telling me that I was beautiful…which was the truth…he wouldn’t bother. It just goes to show you that an abuser will spend endless amounts of time, energy and money hurting you….and refuse to do the little things….like tell me that I was beautiful…buy me flowers once in a while flowers…take me to lunch…give me gas money, when I was unemployed. All of these thing would take little to no effort and cost him next to nothing. No, Mr. Something for Nothing…you aren’t about to do anything  without force or unless you are getting something out of it.

Joyce’s father told her that he was having sex with her because she was special. Does anyone else need a barf bag?- If these people think that they are so wonderful…why do they have to rape girls and women to obtain sex? Is it the challenge? I would think that if they were so wonderful…they would have women lined up, around the block. Yes, Manfred used to let me know how wonderful he thought that he was, all of the time…I guess I needed reassurance?!#%^&*

Joyce’s father also used to take her to their relatives’ homes and tell her stories about him having had sex with various females, in their family. This was so that she would think that what was going on, between her and her father, was O.K- Well, Manfred only admitted to having had sex with one other female besides me…and it wasn’t the one that you all think…he said that he was never attracted to her…but, on several occasions…he went  on and on about how we were going to get together with other couples…out of town and how we were going to do it all night long. Where does he come up with this shit? He thinks it SOUNDS cool….makes him look like a Casanova? Oh yeah…if they make it sound like they are so very appealing to others…you will think that they are a catch. Barf!


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