Classic Collision Atlanta #314

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I am amazed at how many posts I have written, already, just from watching one sermon.  I can safely say that Joyce has comforted me in my many times of need. It is so wonderful to know…that despite all of her trials and tribulations…she has turned a series of messes…into a powerhouse of messages.

I was reviewing my notes today and I discovered many other interesting thoughts.

Joyce’s father used to make her beg to take him places…in front of others. That way, if anyone ever found out…he’d make it look like it was her fault- Is that why I was asked to bring other women, go to the toy store, bring pornography, was told all of the time to call Manfred…in person? If I were to do these things…it would look like I did them on my own accord. If no one heard Manfred tell me…people could all do what they are doing now…..they’re all acting as if I’m a jaded whore. Oh Manfred…you’re just upset because, I’m not your whore, anymore! Just as you are using others to do your dirty work now…you will deny all of this….and hang them out to dry.

I do not recalling having written about this but…her father also used to make her take him to the graveyard and have sex with him. I’m pretty sure that were they were there when she recalled an officer having caught the two of them, one night. Joyce’s father told the officer that she was someone other than his daughter. When it looked as if her father may have not been able to talk himself out of the situation…he offered her to the policeman…as an escape route. Let’s just say that it was a date! Joyce could not thank God enough times…when the officer received a call over the radio and was unable to fulfill his end of their agreement.- The fact that Joyce’s father would use her to get out of trouble…is mind numbing. I am sorry to say that I once felt sorry for those that Manfred is using….to get out of his mess. I do not, anymore. This is fun for them. They think that they are part of an Elitist Group…headed by a man who wouldn’t cross the street, to spit in their hair. People who have no concern for others and only care about lining their pockets….when countless women have been abused…and an endless amount of criminal activity has been committed, over the years…with no regard for those that they have destroyed. Wow!

Manfred, if I was not allowed to fear losing my job back then…and I’m not allowed to live in fear of losing my life…you’re not allowed to do what you are doing because you are scared of you wife. If you didn’t manipulate me…you can’t manipulate them. It doesn’t matter if a person has a penis or a vagina….it doesn’t matter if a person is rich or  poor…it doesn’t matter if they are crazy or sane…everyone pays for what they do, in time. You think that you can do whatever the Hell you want, whenever it suits you…and everyone else gets to suffer the consequences, for your actions…not you!

Good Luck With That!

I was listening to several radio hosts this morning…they were all laughing at the fact that some people are stupid enough…to think that they can still get away with the things they used to… in 2013!

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