Classic Collision Atlanta #315

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This is the work of Manfred Kammerer….using others to take the attention off of himself.

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Yancey McLirette has replied to your comment on Engrid Lirette : Protest gone wrong

Engrid, I’m not Yancey Ford. However, I’d like you to keep on believing that I am so that you can ruin another life in conjunction with the Waffle king. See, I’m not an agent beholden to anyone. I’m just someone you’ve wronged. As for the cure? Seek help from a mental health specialist. You’re obviously living in a dream world conjured by your own mind to deal with something traumatic that happened in your child hood.
And stop spreading your legs around town, pick a fucking man and stay loyal to him. That’s what pisses me off the most about you. You seduce other people’s lovers. You my fair lady are a gold digging home wrecker. It’s as simple as that.

My trauma is called RAPE, BY MANFRED KAMMERER!

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