Classic Collision Atlanta #316

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My final thoughts, on this particular sermon…

God told Joyce to move her father and mother closer to her. They were getting older and not quite able to care for themselves properly…and needed some help. She actually asked God if he was crazy. She wanted to know why she had to take care of a man that raped her and a mother who did nothing to stop the abuse. Mind you…this was DECADES after her father stopped abusing her. She and her husband spent just about every dime they had, in savings…bought them a house, cars, furniture…everything they needed to reestablish themselves, in a new residence. She mentioned that is was the toughest thing she ever had to do. Can you imagine having to take care of two people who treated you so poorly, while you were growing up?

Shortly before Joyce’s father died, she received a phone call. Her father wanted to see her. He finally apologized to her, for abusing her when she was growing up,. He also mentioned that he had wanted to apologize, three years earlier but, wasn’t man enough.

How humiliating must it be…for those who wait to apologize on their death beds.

Manfred, that is where I was when you stepped in. I had spent several years…trying to get my life in order…and get on the right track…and God only knows how many people I have had to apologize to….there will be plenty more, before its over. Even though you and Yancey came after me…what I did to your wives is wrong. I can only accept responsibility for my actions…I cannot do anything about the two of you.

You began a company…God only knows what it would have been like…had you built it the honest way…But, you did what you did…and I…am to divulge all of your secrets. I apologize for mentioning what others have told me but, my life is in danger. That supersedes hateful gossip about you, behind your back…spewed from the mouths of your disgruntled employees. People are hired…some quit…some get fired….many come and go…but, its nothing but a f— fest. You think that you are the king of your little world…and the laws don’t apply to you…and no one dare challenge you…or else.

Joyce spent decades trying to recover from her abuse….abuse that began at the age of eight???? And ended when she left home, at the age of 18. I have four years to recover from….and the events that have occurred beyond that…which were all added to 17 years prior to RAPE!

I know that Manfred Kammerer will never do right by me, without force. All I can do…is pray…everyday, all day…that anything will get better. As of now…Manfred Kammerer is only making it worse….on himself!

How do forgive a monster and move on? How do you rid yourself of the thought that you will be killed, one day? The moment you allow yourself to move on….you become careless. If you become careless…you might slip up. Before you know it, you’re consumed by it, again. I’m going to die….but, I’m going to kick Manfred’s ass, every chance I’ve get…making sure that every eyeball is on him!

The biggest black eye that you can give the Devil is…giving it to God. Why is that so hard to do?

Putting God first does not mean allowing your husband to rape other women….

Putting God first does not mean keeping up a website…knowing that the day you stop posting…you are for whom the bell tolls…

Why is it so hard? Or is it simply…that God has given me the strength to do what I am doing? What would God pick me…out of all the people that Manfred has raped and robbed?…and why is it…that a man with ALL OF HIS POWER AND CONTROL…has not been successful at stopping me?

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