Classic Collision Atlanta #321

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I received several hugs the other day. The hugs were from people that are very valuable to me. Not the kind of people that I SAY are valuable…but, then…I cheat on them…treat them like dirt ….take them for granted. No, these are the kind of people…that as we grow up and grow older…realize that we are blessed to have…and despite the fact that we may not have behaved so wisely, when we were young…we’ve now been granted the opportunity to form very valuable, mature, adult relationships now.

I don’t know if these people are in denial but, one of them cried and stated that they don’t know what they would do if I were to die. ..and this person was married to someone who was just as awful as Manfred is….and might be worse… if he were in Manfred’s financial situation. Ick! Duh, I am going to die. Mr. Kammerer, this person has faith in God…like someone who is very close to you. We all know that it is easy to hand over a wad of cash, which will carry out a hit…and somewhere, inside of us…we  can convince ourselves that we aren’t do anything wrong. You have others bullying me. You act as if you are doing nothing. You know that there are people out there that will  commit murder for as little as $500.00. Go ahead…it will cost you not only half but, possibly everything…eventually!

I have God on my side now but, I can’t stop a bullet, I can’t prevent a car bomb going off without being in my car. I cannot prevent the Evil that exists in your hardened heart.

There are lulls. I think that that is just my minds way of escaping. There are ups and downs and highs and lows. Inevitably…as you read this post…you know as well as I do.. .that I am telling the truth.

I recall someone saying that there are no coincidences. I have heard that a lot lately and am beginning to believe that statement. I do not believe that it’s a coincidence that I was exposed to people like Manfred …..when I was living life on the wrong side of the tracks. Now, those that do not believe….don’t believe because its been so far removed from their lives or they have never been exposed to your sort of behavior, other than on TV. Its funny how many times I’ve heard others say that they know people who are a lot worse than Manfred. I think that they are referring to the people that carry out the orders… of the Manfreds….of the world.  Had I not been expose to behavior such as his, when I was younger…I wouldn’t have believed that he was capable of murder. I do believe that he is …now, more than ever. For him to continue to risk everything he has…is psychotic…

Remember…this is the most successful, financial year that you will ever have. People mean nothing to you…all you care about is money…and, daily…you risk everything you and your family possess!

Do note…I am not attacking your family but…since many of them receive paychecks from Classic Collision…they have known what is going on, since I picketed…and refuse to do nothing about my allegations…and if their reputation was so important…they wouldn’t want the likes of me tarnishing their perfect image. Yes…you have now jeopardized their standing in the community…not as people…as Classic Collision employees. If they don’t know what is going on…that’s not my problem. If I cannot use ignorance of the law, as an excuse…they cannot use ignorance of your illegal activity. Their lack of involvement in the company is not my problem. The owner being a rapist…definitely will be!

You keep forgetting, Manfred…I have nothing to lose!

You see Manfred…you began screwing employees because you thought that you had right of passage to a female employee…if you found her ATTRACTIVE. After you were caught…you used the workplace so that your patterns appeared to be respectable. Had this occurred off of company property and had I not been an employee…your family would not be in the position that they are in…..

You used your company…because you think it makes you look more desirable. When you use, you lose!


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