Classic Collision Atlanta #322

Posted on 14. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Good God! Just when I was trying g to figure what I was going to write, for tomorrow‘s post….here comes a movie…with an appearance of one of the most famous, most accomplished actors of our time….who threw his entire life and career away…because of his involvement with a female…other than his wife…

Drum role, please…..

Mr. Mel Gibson.

It actually broke my heart when I found out what this man had done. I think that, deep down…I would have loved to believed…that he was a good, old fashioned family man. Granted, I don’t know this man or any of the  people that he surrounds himself with but, I have never heard anything derogatory about him. I thought that he was a good looking, successful, devoted celebrity…who could have anything and anyone he wanted…yet, was married to the love of his life…and lived a great life as a family man!


What I am comparing this to is…Manfred seems to have everything…career wise and financially…and he appears to be at the top of his game. There are no rumors of him being happy, having lots of friends, being a devoted family man or a faithful husband.

I am talking about  Mel Gibson losing it….everything… when his behavior became so out of control. I guess that when a person becomes wealthy enough…and maybe there were lots of things that we did not see…because maybe…he was never caught, publicly….

Is this ringing a bell, Manfred? You’re no Mel Gibson…that’s for sure…and you couldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole, financially…but, he got caught. Maybe the fact that you are not famous…or as famous as you think you are…its just going to take a little longer!


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