Classic Collision Atlanta #325

Posted on 11. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I continued sewing today. It was supposed to be my day to do nothing but veg!…It didn’t work out so well. Something kept telling me that I needed…a much needed escape.

Recently, I began working on a new project…sewing dresses for girls in Nigeria. Sewing in the past has been very fulfilling….especially when I felt like I was on the verge of psychosis. Picking out fabric, for family and friends…tearing the fabric, ironing it…pinning the bias tape and pleats…to end up with what people absolutely adore…a gift that was made especially for them…and the chances of anyone they knew…owning anything like it…pretty impossible!

This will be different. I will not meet any of these girls. I will not be able to pick out fabric that is suited for each and everyone of them. There will be several dresses made of several different fabrics. The dresses are cut from two different patterns…,meaning, they wont be the latest and greatest styles…just whatever the artist puts into each of them…

I have had owned A LOT of dress in my lifetime…I cannot say that I have ever enjoyed any of them…quite like these dresses will be enjoyed. Its very sad that it took 33 years for me to figure out that your attire doesn’t matter very much. It really matters what is on the inside.

Its amazing, however…less than a yard of fabric, a little hem tape, some ribbon and thread…and those girls will be more delighted to receive something we take for granted…everyday, all day!

Giving away items that I may or may not have used, to someone I know…feels pretty good. Giving items that I may or may not have used…to someone I will never meet….is really wonderful. Making dresses, from scratch…for children in another country…that I will never meet…brings it to another level.

I really feel that its easy for us, as Americans…to NOT appreciate the tiny things in life. I think that it would be nice, if we could all accept the fact that most of us are blessed beyond anything that we could ever begin to imagine. Its easy to think about what we don’t have vs. what we do have!

With these dresses, the girls will also receive the teachings of the word of God. I think that’s a cause we could all afford to support!

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