Classic Collision Atlanta #326

Posted on 10. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why does it seem…like every time I turn around…here comes that story of another SEXUAL PREDATOR?

I cannot wait to hear this jerk wad’s attorney in court…behaving as if these women were free to leave….they wanted to stay there, etc.

You know it will happen! The victims always get attacked!

How in the world will these females recover from this? This is crazy. It is far beyond insane.

That’s a man for ya, RIGHT!

That’s O.K., it took them a while to catch him…but, they’re going to take care of his — soon enough….an he’s going to wish that court and prison werre the least of his problems!

See, Manfred…on the surface…this man was just an average guy. Behind closed doors…where no was looking, other than he and his victims…he’s nothing but a big old rapist….just like you!

It is now… longer about what he did…its what it will take for his victims to recover…..if that is even possible!

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