Classic Collision Atlanta #327

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Yesterday, I had he most  vivid dreams…and I woke up with what felt like rage. Wow, I hadn’t felt this inspired in weeks.  I kept telling them that its not healthy to feel nothing. Not dealing with things will always catch up with you, in the end.

I guess maybe it wasn’t rage…it was more like an intense passion…for what I am doing. I guess we all become numb, after a while. I guess I could not fight and get killed…or I can fight and get killed. Some might think that I shouldn’t exhaust all of my energy…and enjoy my life…until Doom’s Day…I have tried so many times. Obviously that is something that I am not successful at…fighting  back is something I have had to learn how to do…over the years. It began as survival…it will go down as fighting for my life.

I cant want until this portion is over…then maybe I will have five minutes to breathe…before I get my throat slit…and can breathe no longer.

I read an article in Joyce’s magazine today about the Green Light organization that was started by her Ministry. I don’t believe in envy but…a piece of me envied the volunteers. How selfless it must be…a career that gives back…and to give up your time, without compensation…to help those that society has forgotten. Its easy to ignore the homeless…easier to ignore the fact the many of you are on the verge of it, everyday!

Many of these people fought for their country…and are now forgotten. Sounds like Manfred mentality….you’re only as good as what you did yesterday!

Pages 23-25 of the following article:

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