Classic Collision Atlanta #329

Posted on 07. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


WHEN IS THE LAST TIME ANY OF YOU HELPED SOMEONE IN NEEd? I had to make a choice. Put extra food in my belly…which I could care less about, right now or help someone who is in a world of hurt?

I think that I have been in this cocoon, again. I feel like there is a hand full of people who are kicking ass…then, the rest are getting by. Then, you have the fat cats…you know, the ones that go around calling themselves “The Man”…who are raking it in…and there are a few members on their teams that aren’t struggling as bad as the rest of us…then, there are the masses that are on the bottom of the totem poll, having to do the grunt work…for a fee that the owner would never allow anyone in their family to work for….

Are we really headed for disaster? I know the answer to that…maybe, just maybe…its too ugly to face.

And raising the minimum wage is going to help, right? No, that just means that jerks like Manfred…will hire less help…and expect fewer people to do the work…still, for a price that would never be allowed for a family member!

Greed is what got us here. Its amazing…its been a very long time since we took this land from others…no one wants to equate our dues…deny and buy…someone else will pay for it…

Isn’t it easier to accept what is going to happen to you and get it over with? Deny, Deny, Deny

Don’t distance yourself…get your head out of your — and deal with it. This way, we can move on with our lives!

What does any of this mean? Time will tell.

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