Classic Collision Atlanta #330

Posted on 06. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I received mail from the Social Security Disability office, today. One letter was for a Psychiatric Evaluation. The other was for a Physical Evaluation.

Well, I thought you would like to know, Manfred…the office that I had to mail my initial information to…is in Stone Mountain. Don’t you have a shop in Stone Mountain? Of course you do.

I think its interesting…I had to tell them why I am disabled. I told them that you raped me…and its been nothing but, rapid deterioration…ever since! Of course these people thought that I was insane when I  wrote that I have crippling back pain…because of what you did…and the fact that I know that I will be killed, soon enough…So, I gave them this website…so that they could see this for themselves!

I will be evaluated by two different physicians…two independent parties…in two separate locations…. who will hear your name, what you did to me and what it has done to me mentally and physically.

See, even when I would like for you to go away…you wont. This morning, I woke up at 12:48a.m….wondering if I was going to be able to function today. Thank you back pain. No thanks, again, Manfred!

Everyday, more and more people learn about you and what you are capable of!

Now, Id like to share an amazing article with you…from none other than someone who may be considered, a MAN! Bring it on home Henry!

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