Classic Collision Atlanta #331

Posted on 05. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today was pretty cool. I was greeted with the utmost joy, a joy I had not seen in A WHILE!

People have a tendency to look at you like you are out there…only to find that they are just as out there as you are…they’ve only been denying their special gifts, for quite some time. They have been hidden or devastation has distanced you from them.  Other people may judge you for things that they cannot understand. Therefore they drown out their God given gifts with substance.

This person has been in the most uncertain place that they have been in, in a longtime. Sometimes we don’t realize how wonderful our lives may be…because there is something in us that believes that we don’t deserve anything better than what has happened to us, in our pasts.

This person was able to visit their past…only to find out that no one from their past had changed but, them…and at that moment, they were the most fortunate person that they knew.

This lead to the person understandings why I was SO PERSISTENT IN THEM MOVING FORWARD IN LIFE. They are VERY blessed…and if they are not happy…they owe it to everyone around them…to do the right thing.

The example that I use is, myself. I always ask that people take a good look at me…and to ask themselves if they would want to be in my position. No one does. It is too difficult to fathom.

As difficult as it is to believe…they see and they understand…and they know that they have to do whatever it takes, to get it right. No one wants to wake up and realize that its over for them…not when the effort that it takes…to do it right…is a Hell of a lot easier that the havoc that is cause by making the wrong decisions.

Only we have to live in our own skin…and everything we do…whether we realize it or not…can destroy everything near and dear to us.

Look at where you were and look at where you are…and ask yourself…”Am I moving in a direction I can live with…or is the direction I am heading going to destroy me?”

I received an amazing hug, when I left…because of my current mental state…it didn’t register. That has to change. I am helping so many other people…when it comes to making improvements, in their lives…yet, mine is still the hamster wheel.

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