Classic Collision Atlanta #332

Posted on 04. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I was exposed to something today…something that almost caused me to become infuriated.

I was able to take in this much…

A former school teacher, age 72..was found nude?? In her basement or was it her kitchen??? With an axe protruding from her forehead??? Forced to participate perform sodomy??? Was bleeding to death yet, made it to the phone to cal 911???

It seems that there were signs…outside of her residence…that were out of normal character for her….and her neighbor took a further look???

This was bits and pieces of two different women. I could barely listen….before I had to begin to tune it out…It took many hours to separate the two…

What in the Hell is the matter with you people, Manfred? Yes…it appears that they were both raped…and after what I have been through…I wish you would have killed me, you piece of fucking garbage!

Oooh. Look at me. I’m so wonderful that I have to rape women, abuse and bully women…to feel like a real man!

See how much you can stomach…and see how I think and feel that you are just as sick and disgusting as this man is…

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