Classic Collision Atlanta #333

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I will recite what I can remember. That is the best that I can do.

There was a farmer who owned a donkey, who was quite old.. The farmer had a well on his property that the donkey had fallen into. To the best of my recollection, this had happened before. Since the  donkey was getting on in age, the farmer felt that it was best to call several of his neighbors over and fill the well with dirt. This would put the donkey out of its misery, sooner than later.

To the farmers surprise…at one point, he looked into the well…and the donkey was not under the dirt, he was on top of the dirt.

You see, every time anyone had shoveled dirt into the hole, the donkey shrugged it off and stood on top of it…eventually walking out of the hole.

I feel like that donkey. Although I am not of dying age, old…what I have survived makes me feel very old. Although I have been through Hell…and the Devil just as soon drag me to Hell with him…God had given me a new lease on life. Then came Manfred. Instead of punishing my bad deed, he benefited from it. He lead me to the hole and pushed me into it….where I had no other choice but to be subjected to his abuse. He used the dirt he had on me to rape me, in the hole…then, he threw that same dirt on top of me…while I was still in the hole….the same dirt that he has used against me. I could not see what was going on and it nearly suffocated me.

Manfred secured a way of getting out of the hole, before he jumped into it…and every time I was about out of the hole…he pushed me right back in!

I figured out what he had done…and after I finally escaped him.….I am, years later, trying to regain my strength and sanity…only to feel that I will be thrown back into that very hole…and covered with cement, one day, by Manfred and his son.

God will not only allow you to get out of the hole…he will look into the hole, if you have fallen in…and try to figure out how to help you out of your situation.

The Devil…will lead you to the hole…push you in…then call you a stupid donkey for having landed in the hole…even though he is the reason you are there…

Isn’t it awful…that the only way that you can allow yourself to feel like a MAN, Manfred…is to behave in the exact same manner as the Devil….

Here is another version….take from it what you will..

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