Classic Collision Atlanta #334

Posted on 02. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


They say that its not an exact science. They say that its trial and error?. I say that its more error…especially when all you do…is go around telling them what its going to be added to….and it doesn’t register…because they’ve never read about it in their case studies…or its not one of the manufacturer’s noted side effects…

It scares me that many people truly believe that they are doing people a lot of good. Then again, they aren’t the ones that have to live with the trial and error or in the trial and error.

How can anyone suggest something so horrible…on top of something that should not be existent?

One is legal…one is not. Both are very profitable. Either way, the Government is making a killing off of all of it. I guess its all a game…..and who cares…as long as assholes like Manfred are getting rich…fuck everyone that dies!

Its bad enough that they don’t realize what they are participating in…the ones that don’t…

Its bad enough that I am going to lose to a game….

I will not, however…be remembered as one that followed the heard.

The games that they are creating, participating in and running…are all slow forms of suicide…and they just about have everyone locked in.

Id rather not!

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