Classic Collision Atlanta #336

Posted on 31. Jul, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Lets see…how did it start?

It started by my falling into a deep sleep. It was a hard sleep but, very restless….like I slept for seventeen hours straight…then woke up to realize that I was supposed to wake up, the day before. By the time this had happened…I woke up to realize…I’d only, actually been asleep for two hours. I was praying like Hell that I wasn’t going to wake up…it was still early and I was tired as Hell!

During this restlessness…that felt like forever…I, at one point, had visions that several men had entered the premises…and did unspeakable things to me…for weeks on end. At some points in my nightmare….my mind wandered to where I experience what is intended for me. Luckily, in this instance, I have planned engagements…where those who could always rely on me…found themselves being stood up. Eventually, the door was busted down. In that instance, they were too late…Imagine your loved ones finding your body…having been stabbed to death…

In one variation…several men came into the room in which I was falling asleep…and I was stabbed to death. I was above myself, watching ..I lost count…as my mind quickly had to shut down that version of my nightmare…

In another variation…I saw the homeowner, come home to find me…stabbed to death in their guest room..

Every variation that existed…I was unable to envision the end. I fought like Hell to avoid it…

Imagine being totally secured in a home…yet, you have to sleep with the bedroom door locked…all of the blinds have to be closed…sleeping with the phone in your hand, ready to dial 911…

And what do you suggest sleeping with…where weapons are concerned?

In my thoughts and in my dreams…Manfred has sent these men to hurt me…

Its not getting any better..

Its not the kind of fear, where you are looking over your shoulder, any longer..

It’s the kind that causes trauma and rage…the kind that eats at your soul and your guts!

Manfred, you are an Evil Son of a bitch…and the fact that you get off on doing this to people is really fucked up!

You know I’m right…and you sit there and grin, like I deserve this.

That’s alright…you’ll be keeping your dick in your pants when I’m finished with you!

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