Classic Collision Atlanta #341

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Now, I have another question for you….

If you knew you were going to die, by murder, would that change your answer…to the initial question?

Duh! I think that anyone…who is going to die…will go through a million phases…Oddly enough, I have gone through acceptance, more than any of the phases out there.

I think the hardest thing for me to accept is…that  a person…who is very intelligent and business savvy…is too stupid to realize that their desire for revenge…has caused an even greater disconnect, in their mind!. I understand never being caught. I understand being extremely arrogant. I understand thinking that no one can touch me.

Unfortunately…..what I understand, that Manfred Kammerer doesn’t understand, is….Every dog has their day. He became involved in this, the day I told him that I had an affair with one of Classic Collision’s managers, in 2006..all they way down to the last YouTube video that was posted about me on 4/21/13.

Anyone who is stupid enough to pull as many stunts as he has…and expect not to be caught. That’s gotta suck!

I have had to accept all of this…more times than I can remember. I have had to force myself to write…for a while now…on a daily basis…because I know that this kind of arrogance…is the same type of arrogance…that will allow this man to have me murdered…thinking that he will get away with it.

It has been a greater mind fuck…trying to understand why someone in his shoes would choose to do all of this vs. sue me for slander.

Manfred likes doing things the hard way. It is a game for him and it is fun. He figures that he has more money and power than I do…and he can’t ever lose.

I would rather have my name in public records for suing someone for slander…since I could bury them in court…because they cannot afford an attorney…and the system will not provide legal council for  a Civil suit vs….a Murder Trial! He will spend money on me this time. It will be hard to prove that he killed me but, they’re still going to splatter his name all over the media because, he has 150 million reasons to want me dead…and by the time he has me killed…the number will be much greater!

So, how would you behave if you knew you were going to be murdered? I don’t know about you but…its got me thinking that I’m about to what little sanity I have left…and that’s just it. I’m not the insane one…this just about destroys what’s left of your nerves. The man who is going to have me murdered and thinks he’s not going to get caught…he and everyone involved are the crazy ones…

We all know that the only people he will protect…are the one that are in his family…he will threaten the rest!

Looks like I didn’t do that great of a job, answering my own question!!!

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