Classic Collision Atlanta #345

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Damn, I forgot…it would be easier for you to kill me…while your out of town…but, since you refuse to act life a man…and sue me…you just won’t get your wish soon enough. Out of town provides an alibi…Gee, if you are innocent…and not guilty of rape and behind all of the bullying…why would anyone suspect you…even if I were to be killed…say, right now?

It is so messed up. I had a great day Friday…and a great day Saturday…and yesterday was going pretty well…until I found a letter…from my father…that was written to me, after my 17th birthday. Shortly after I began to process some of what was in the letter…it felt like I had been stabbed in the back of my ribcage, with a hunting knife….the same kind of Pain…that I developed, after Manfred Kammerer raped me.

The Devil would like for me to believe that everything is fine…and that everything has gone away. That letter reminded me that…Manfred is not only what I say that he is…but, a knife in the back…symbolism….a murderous act, of a coward…so he wont have to look his victim in the eyes!

That letter reminded me of what my purpose is…

He was the beginning of my Hell…and just when I was in the midst of walking towards the light…Manfred came in and threw my ass back into the fire. I am glad that I found that letter. It was the most Evil, rotten, hateful letter that I have ever read in my life…only to remind me of how horrible you are, Manfred.

Today, God reminded me of why I am here. I will die at the hands of a hired hit but…I’ll be taking one for the team…and not taking one for the team…in a sense where a man gets caught cheating or embezzling…and once in a while, someone has to be made on example of…I’m goanna get killed…and I’m taking a stand for all of the women who have had to tolerate being sexually harassed, molested or raped…and either no one would believe them or help them or they were publicly humiliated ..or may have lost their job or even had to keep their mouth shut because, they had children to feed…FUCK YOU and every scumbag that’s ever gotten away with this crap!

I was dragged back into the depths of Hell, again, today…because punk as bitches like you…go around treating women like tampons and ruining lives because you need/needed to get your dicks wet…and the minute your wives find out…that’s when you show your true colors…

FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Fuck you for every minute of hell that I have suffered in the last 6+ years…and here’s to many more….

No one deserves to feel the way I did, yesterday afternoon…and if it wasn’t for scum, like you, praying on females who are so fucked up…that they don’t know if they are coming or going…we wouldn’t be here!

I hate your guts for what you have done to me and the way you treat women and others you take advantage of…and cannot wait until God serves you your entrée! Can you imagine what that will be like…if this is your appetizer!

Yep, this morning…I woke up with lower waist/back pain…so horrible…that it took me a half an hour to get out of bed.

I can promise you this..99% of all of the males out there…that have abused a female in their lives…are sitting back…and thinking…How dare she!!!….when the woman speaks out against these men…like they are the victims!!!!!….and some of them…are actually at their vacation homes…with their sons…planning what they are going to do to one of the hundreds?????? of women…..who was molested… the owner of the company…who decided she wasn’t gonna sit back and do nothing! I just have to wonder…if your son is on your band wagon, now, too…does this mean he’s been doing it too…and he’s scared women are going to come our against him? Hmmm….nah, I think he’s just a yeller and screamer….and most people cant stand working with/for him…but, he never struck me as the type to have to rape a woman to get a piece of ass..

So, were the videos you posted about me on 3/21/13 & 4/21/13 worth it?

Is that what it takes to reunite a family these days…revenge?


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