Classic Collision Atlanta #348

Posted on 20. Jul, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why I believe that this silence is different. Every time Manfred Kammerer has had the opportunity to get even with me…he has been all over it.

Now. He sees that his game…is a game…that he has been playing by himself, all along. Next time…before he shoves a female into the lion’s pit, maybe he will pay attention to how hard she is willing to fight for her life…I may be tiny…but, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight like Hell…especially when this is ALL HIS FAULT!

How many people have had to turn a blind eye…while he was hurting them or others…or committing crimes…

And why would anyone dare speak out against him…when they will only end up like me?

What is happening to Manfred Kammerer, now, would have never happened…had he kept his hands off of me!

Isn’t it crazy…how God sent me to Classic Collision the midst of me trying to survive the Hell that I had been through…all my life…inflicted on me by many others…and self inflicted,….as well…only to stand up to a Devil…so very similar to the one who had robbed me of 17 years of my life! Wow!

There is silence now because….Manfred realizes…That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore. Listen to the song, Manfred….if you can handle the truth…

What you were doing to me, before was funny….because you saw how much your abuse has destroyed my life. Who’s Laughing Now? Another good song. Listen to it and understand…this has never been a joke for me. This was your joke…you started it…another good song!

You will commiserate with a select few now…and you are more serious about killing me, than ever before. I may even get served with papers….more than two years later!!!!!! Either way, this isn’t getting better, it isn’t going away and you are now witnessing the consequences of your actions.

I hate it for you but, that’s what you get for raping a female who could very well be a poster child for just about every disorder in the book.

I think that why you don’t require drug tests or perform background checks…other than the fact that you are CHEAP….its because you like to surround yourself with people who are fucked up…and you can use their backgrounds and misfortunes against each them…and hey…a lot of people can’t speak out against you because…when it all comes down…they have records and you don’t. They don’t have the resources to get out of trouble, you do. So, its not just a means of helping yourself feel superior…its a way to keep others down and miserable…and unable to think that they can do any better.

I believe that nightmares come true. I don’t believe that I was dreaming g of being murdered, for no reason. I think that my body is trying to tell me something…and I think that I am right.

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