Classic Collision Atlanta #353

Posted on 15. Jul, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I take it that things aren’t going to well for you, right now.

I have been waiting for you to sue me for over two years now. I haven’t purposely broken rules or used you name because I am trying to brake any laws. I am trying to make sure that I leave a trail of bread crumbed, for the FEDS!

What are you going to do…when companies, like YouTube come after you. You may be a rock star is your dungeon…but, you couldn’t compete in a potato sack race with YouTube or Google. You are just a punk who doesn’t seem to get it. There is no way out of this, for you or you family.

Why are you allowing all of these people to get hurt? Do you think you are the only one that’s going to get into trouble? Of course you don’t…you will buy your way out of most of this crap…who cares about everyone else, right! For those who dove in…head first…into the shallow end of the pool…to help you commit crimes, and to bully me…MAN! For those who became involved…because you lied to them…then, they saw the real you…and backed off….SAD! Its horrible that they are going to be punished for your stupidity.

Wow. You could have simply filed a Civil Suit against me…my site would have been shut down…and you could have garnished my future earnings…until you have me killed…not because you are telling the truth…because you have resources for an attorney, I don’t.

Now, your name is ALL over the Internet…which will never go away…you will have been investigated by many Government agencies…..and you will have criminal charges against you, unless you pay everyone off….your company and family will be sued for my wrongful death….and you may possibly spend time in prison…before its all over with.

I think a slander suit would have been the way to go.

Its O.K. darlin! The trail is long. Once this can of worms gets opened……everyone mentioned…will be held accountable for your actions. Those that have been contacted, have been sent my website information. If anyone is crazy enough…to look the other way for you…they may end up sharing a cell with you…..

All because you cant keep your dick in your pants!

The fact that I began to compose a will…because of this…and that I am in a serious hurry to complete it, ain’t good! My nerves are working me worse than ever! Does that mean its game time? Being that you are the GAME BOY…I’m not so sure about these things….but, something in my gut, tells me it is! I guess we’ll soon find out!

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