Classic Collision Atlanta #354

Posted on 14. Jul, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


There, I said it…on my cell phone. The news is out. If something happens top me, immediately…the FEDS can go through my cell phone records and question the person I spoke to, yesterday afternoon. I nearly threw up, in the midst of divulging this information. Imagine forcing yourself to stay indoors…until you complete your homework…because you do not want to leave you immediate loved ones with a huge mess…

Needless to say, I am going to publish this note, the moment my will is proofread and signed.

I have serious reservations. Manfred has had monetary relationships, with organizations for the last 30 years or more. When it comes to local authorities, I have experienced….the blind eye.

You will be investigated…so will the employees that were involved…so will the agencies that did not investigate you properly and so on..

It chaps my freaking hide that your employees are expected to keep their mouths shut…knowing that they will have to deal with you, if they report you…Or, even worse, why should your employees get into trouble…when most of them are only trying to put food on their tables!

Is losing my life worth all of this mess? Yes, I feel as if I am taking on the weight of all of Manfred Kammerer’s victims, combined. It’s a huge burden….but, t-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards and commercials aren’t going to stop bullies like Manfred!

When all is said and done…everything that you have to you victims…will be your burden to bare. You shall walk the Earth…carrying all of the torture…of your victims, combined! I don’t know if the is a medication that could help you with haunting…your being haunted by your past and current actions, towards others. You may wish to ask your doctor.


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