Classic Collision Atlanta #357

Posted on 11. Jul, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Yesterday was a little rough. I am sick and tired of people…suggesting that I run or hide…move to another city and change my name. With what? That takes money. Its kind of difficult to work and save money…especially when your back hurts so badly….that it feels like someone whacked you on the back with a shovel…simply from folding fabric. So, Manfred…thanks to you…and your rape and abuse….I am staying here…working as hard as I can…when I can…and surviving….

Maybe you should pick on someone with health insurance, or money…in the future. That way, their therapy might be hidden! That’s what you get for fucking a piece of trash!…your thoughts, not mine. I don’t wish this on any other female…it was meant to happen to me.

Are you people out of your fucking minds? I’m not running from that bastard. I don’t give a shit if I were wealthy or broke as Hell! That’s exactly what Manfred wants. That is what he is used to! Besides…why should I spend my money on going anywhere and changing anything. I didn’t do anything wrong!

I emailed two of Manfred’s attorneys and two of his employees, today. I have decided that I am not going to keep anymore of his secrets, any longer. Oh yes…there are soooooo many. All of you that think I am not going to get killed, stay tuned for Monday’s post.

I have told these people, repeatedly, to leave me alone. Did they listen? No!

Manfred, by the time I’m finished with you…you could be dead, when I get killed…they’re going to resume your corpse….and read it its rights! Get it. There is no way…you will not be suspected of being guilty.

People don’t BEGIN to dream of being murdered and gang raped….two and a half years after they have escaped their abuser. That doesn’t make sense. It does make sense…that a person would begin to dream of being murdered…as they become closer to the reality…the reality that I would already be dead…had I stopped posting by now.

Dear Everybody…if people are allowed to steal and rape…and no one is willing  to turn in the bad guys…doesn’t that mean that eventually, you will be raped and robbed too? And exactly who is supposed to help you? Get pissed all you want. If Manfred doesn’t want to get caught…he needs to keep his Fucking to himself and do it on his own!


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