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It is Sunday. I am writing Tuesdays post, in advance. I had an image of customers calling about their vehicles…that may have been towed to Classic Collision, after this heavy rain. Can you imagine being told where your car is…researching the company on the Internet…and finding this? Eeeek!

What kind of reputable business man…would allow a site like this to remain on the Internet…for over a year…much less, after the bomb I dropped on 6/9/13..Insurance Fraud!

We were watching Liberache today. Awesome! Wow, talk about a bizarre story. Don’t you just hate it…when you have to leave…just as the story is getting REALLY GOOD!

Manfred, do you know that Liberache sued several parties, who claimed that his “Lifestyle” was EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS! He sued them and won!

How can someone sue another person, when they are telling the truth? Could it be Wealth? Could it be Power? ….Of course it could.

I couldn’t defend myself against a paper bag, in court! Classic Collision net $36ml in 2010? I’m not certain. That’s what was being spread around. So, you probably net $38-$40, last year??? That should cover Manfred’s attorney’s fees, right!

Manfred, why aren’t you suing me? What was your excuse…what ae your excuses, again????

Liberache was terrified that the public would find out the truth. Back then, that kind of lifestyle could destroy a persons career. Today, Manfred, you’d just be another fucking pig. What is the truth? Big Bad Manfred cant be terrified, could he?

I think that the weirdest part was…when I saw Liberache, without his wig….in the movie. If Manfred got a nose job…they could be twins. Wait….Liberache took care of his ________….at least he did  while he was with them.

Hey, lighten up Francis. I’m telling the truth…unlike your bullies posting that I have Aids on Twitter. Your wife is going to love to hear about that one!

Here’s to MANY MORE posts!

Make sure you check out this movie!


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