Classic Collision Atlanta #366

Posted on 03. Jul, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I began reading the article, of the link, that I had posted…yesterday. It will take me sometime to read all of it. It amazes me how many males out there…have the mentality that they are were put on this Earth, to SPREAD THEIR SEED…yet, they are nowhere to be found….when that seed actually sprouts! If that is your purpose in life…you should also inform the woman, beforehand. I don’t think that any male…that owns a business…would assume that women can walk out without paying! Its understood that the male owns a business…and payment is not only implied…its expected! So, if a woman’s business is her body…if you think that you are entitled…as a male…to steal…from the woman’s business….because you are here to spread your seed…you should probably act like a man and just tell the woman that you are there to do as you wish…and FUCK her!

Do males not realize…that one of the reasons that this world is so screwed up!

Manfred, you are one of the worst that I have ever met. Your job is to spread your seed? You have had a vasectomy, you dumb ass! You are just A FUCKING PIG!  Do you not think that what you have done…to A LOT of women…doesn’t cause damage!!! So, this excuse you use…like too many other males use….”I’m here to spread my seed”…you have no seed…and who in the Hell asked you for it!

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