Classic Collision Atlanta #370

Posted on 29. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Imagine being made fun of…simply because you cannot wear the latest styles, in school. Imagine being called names…because your skin color doesn’t match everyone else’s around you.

Imagine being teased because you don’t have the physique of a model….in a fashion magazine.

Imagine having to pretend that you like everyone…because you will be made fun of, if you act as an individual.

All of this probably seems very common. Most people reading this post have, more than likely, fallen into one of these categories.

Now, I’d like for you to imagine…being thrown out of your home…by your parents…because you like people of the same sex.

I think that if a young person was trying to simply “UPSET” their parents…they could find other ways to do so….

Who would ask to be treated so harshly? I can’t say that any of it would make sense.

I have been discussing various charities with people….seeing as many charities seem to be “Talking The Talk” and not “Walking The Walk”…

I ran across an article on Cyndi Lauper, the other day….sometimes, we wonder what happened to celebrities…who were huge at one point in our lives…and wonder what they are doing now.

How selfless can one be?

No matter what you think you have…its not worth having…if its not worth sharing….

And I’m not talking about what’s between a woman’s legs, Manfred!


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