Classic Collision Atlanta #371

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The other night, I dreamt that that I was in the process of obtaining something…that something was yellow. I don’t remember exactly what it was but, I loved it and it was what I really wanted. It was available…yet, I was consumed by having back ups…just in case.

Why is it…that everything was there…but, its not the thing that I should be interested in?

There are bits and pieces of it being attire.

Now that I think about it…that was weird. I love the color yellow but, yellow looks retched on me…so, there was no point in even thinking about it!

You can like something, all day long. You can admire it too. You can even want to obtain it…in a way that you have never wanted to obtain anything in your life. Leave it alone. It was there for admiration. Don’t take something just because you can have it. Allow someone who looks incredible in yellow to have it….or, maybe you can confirm…that it is acceptable to take it and give it to someone suitable.

I feel like men treat women…the way women feel about clothing. Yet women take a lot better care of the clothing than men take care of us.

Notice the Back Ups…That is because….just because something may sound/seem/look neat, at the moment….it usually doesn’t work out for me. Don’t take whatever…accept what is right for you…That’s what the back ups mean. You are the prize! You are it! Don’t settle for idiots who are noticing you for how good you make them look! Wait for that something special.

No…I just figured it out! You know when you have been in a room full of men…and those men are treating you as if you are the most incredible looking woman in the room…because you are…then, all of a sudden…when they realize that they aren’t going to get anywhere with you…..and they start barking like dogs…at other women.

I’m sorry. I didn’t want any of them to begin with…or, if I did…I’d already figured that out and I didn’t want everybody else…just because they wanted me. What’s wrong with hanging out and getting to know people? Chances are…you won’t want any of the people you are talking too…but, you’ll have met some really great people….Or, if you do like someone…it will be the person you least suspected…Its like that really awesome present…that present that is perfect for you…the one you received…….yet, you never knew you really wanted it…

The shell has gotten you a lot of things, in life….a lot of trouble!  Now that I think of it….I was watching a series the other day…and a gorgeous female was the personality of a radio commercial. Although she was gorgeous…she couldn’t exude the amount of confidence that was expected of her. Would you like to know what the male in the room said…

“A woman that pretty never feels that way about herself. Therefore….she can’t deliver what you think you see! Its in your head, not hers!”

Beautiful people are treated differently…yet, they feel like or end up treating themselves in a manner ..that would be acceptable for excrement.

Try not to spend too much time…in department stores…trying on clothing that will never look good on you. Before you know it…those hours turn into days…then months…then years. I think you know where this is headed….


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