Classic Collision Atlanta #376

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I cannot count how many women…that I have seen…carrying handbags…that cost as much as I make in a month! If you can afford that, what are you doing taking assistance from the Government?

The more I thought about it…seeing as I am in a situation….that was caused by a male…who would not have raped me….. had he not been ruled by lust and greed, you wouldn’t be reading this post…..Why do people pick on African Americans and Hispanics, especially…for bilking the Government…when we perpetuate the stereotypes of what is acceptable! So, its O.K. for males to abuse women…because they cannot control their wieners…But, its not O.K. for poor people to abuse the system?

When the poor mismanage their funds….because they just want something to make them feel desirable or more attractive…they need to be sent back to their own country, Right?…At least that’s what I hear ALL OF THE TIME.

When the “Well To Do” want things, especially men…abuse is O.K.? Males like Manfred commit crimes, daily. Is it easier to point the finger at a poor person…when they mismanage money or commit crimes….because they look more SUSPECT?

Americans created this monster…Its called Keeping Up With The Jones. They don’t give a damn, when it comes to taking peoples money…as long as they can keep getting richer. But, when people…who cannot afford to purchase nice things….spend the money they have on possessions…and expect the Government to take care of them…Where exactly do you think people get their ideas?

Manfred Kammerer doesn’t care what the cost of raping women may be…he just does whatever he wants….

Why should poor people behave any differently?

We live in a society that teaches us to WANT…and to GET. Let someone else worry about the cost, later!

I told Manfred NO…the meant…”You cant have me!” He did what he WANTED to do…He Raped….because he is a crook! This male is highly educated and should know better!

So, a poor person…who cannot afford a nice handbag….who doesn’t have much…may or may not even have a High School Diploma and probably wouldn’t know the first thing about managing money…and has probably had to do things that Manfred does, because they had no other choice… supposed to make better decisions?????

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